About Me

I'm Anna!

My name is Anna Turner. Born and raised in Dothan, Alabama, I grew up with an appreciation for southern culture but a healthy curiosity about other cultures.

I attended a school for 12 years prior to college that was centered around a classical model of education: one that emphasized the art and skills of writing, communication, persuasion, public speaking and reasoning. My education before college prepared me by teaching me to not only look intricately at what I have been given but to look at it from all angles.

Although Auburn University was not outside of my familiar surroundings, attending college with a more diverse group was exciting and enlightening. I am always curious to pursue conversation and learn more about others.

I have found the most power of conversation in listening and believe it to be crucial to the public relations field.

I am very much a “people person” and relate with all types of people. That adaptability and curiosity are traits that lead us to share ideas in fresh and varied ways.

College is a time of personal growth, when one can uncover new talents and strengths. Although music and singing have always been a part of my life, from singing in church to performing in musical theatre, I’ve learned that it is so much more than a talent. Music is a unique form of relating and communicating with others. Continuing to sing during my college years has given me a platform for sharing thoughts and feelings that connected me to many others. Working with the first ever large-scale concert at Jordan-Hare Stadium, “Music & Miracles,” during my internship program was a dream job!

The fearlessness it takes to get on a stage and sing is the same fearlessness that I feel will benefit me in future public relations projects. To be creative and intriguing you must be willing to be bold and unafraid. In the same vein, behind that fearlessness must be a strong work ethic and determination-- two of my best qualities.

I will always consider Auburn to be my second home, and I will forever cherish my memories of this comforting, joyful community. I cannot wait for an opportunity to share what I have learned during my four years in Auburn as well as to absorb more skills and abilities to accomplish great work in my field.

A few of my favorites:


My family is the most important aspect in my life. It has been more than an honor to be an aunt to the most adorable niece and nephew.

senior pic


The biggest influence on my life has been music. Whether it is performing, playing the piano in my room or attending a music festival the cathartic experience of music is incomparable.



I have a love for new places. College has allowed me the opportunity to travel to many new and exciting places.