Auburn University

Fall 2012- Spring 2016

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations

Public Relations Coursework:

  • Style and Design-Adobe Creative Suite
    • A capstone course that applies style and design to public relations messages through the use of various content management systems and creative software such as Adobe InDesign and Dreamweaver.
  • Social Media for Public Relations
    • In this course, we examine how new social media impact public relations strategies and research trends that develop.
  • Public Relations Campaigns
    • A capstone course where we learned how to create a campaign for a client and present our findings at the end of the semester.
  • Survey of Research Methods
    • Basic research principles and survey research as it is used by mass media and public relations. Students are assigned a client for which they conduct research using methods taught in the course.
  • Public Relations Case Studies
    • This is a course designed to provide Public Relations students with an understanding of both effective and ineffective methods of PR through studying actual cases from the field itself. Students conduct a case study on a real company, using that research to develop a strategic public relations campaign.
  • Writing for Public Relations
    • This course has an emphasis on communication tactics; plan, write and produce public relations tools; audience and media selection; print and electronic media.
  • Foundations of Public Relations
    • An overview of public relations and its history, looking at communication skills and technologies necessary for successful public relations practices.